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TheraBreath AktivOxigen Concentrated Serum

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Get rid of the bad breath that comes from throat and tonsils. Concentrated AktivOxigen liquid.

1 fl oz (30ml) Bottle. 60 Days Worth

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Product Description

The antibacterial solution
to eliminate throat & tonsil germs

Mix this highly concentrated,unflavored, oxygenating serum with water or fruit juice to produce a powerful, antibacterial oral rinse solution that is very effective at eliminating the bad breath germs in your throat and tonsils when used as directed. You can also add a few drops to any oral irrigator or water flosser to increase its effectiveness! Approximately 60 uses per bottle.

  • Instant Clean, Fresh Taste in Your Mouth and Throat
  • Relief From 'Morning Breath'
  • Less phlegm and mucous buildup
  • 100% All Natural with NO side-effects.

About TheraBreath
America's favourite bad breath solution

TheraBreath is a revolutionary premium oral care system created by Doctor Harold Katz. The exclusive, original formula went on the market in 1994 and has been used by over 1,000,000 people world wide to solve the problems of bad breath, halitosis and unpleasant mouth taste. In that time, TheraBreath's original formula has gone through dozens of refinements, making it the most complete and effective solution to the embarrassing personal problem of halitosis.

TheraBreath Not Tested On Animals TheraBreath Greener Planet TheraBreath Natural Ingredients TheraBreath Sensitive Teeth TheraBreath Vegan Approved TheraBreath Whitens Teeth TheraBreath Made in the USA TheraBreath Certified kosher

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How To Use

For regular use squeeze about 8 drops of serum into the plastic measuring cup. Add water or fruit juice to fill line. (Use orange or pineapple juice for best results.) For a maximum strength solution, use up to 16 drops. You can also add a few drops to our Oral Rinse formulas for more strength. For use with Aktiv-K12 ProBiotics, follow instructions included with those products.

Always Dilute with Water or Fruit Juice. Never use straight from Bottle to Mouth!


Unflavored Active ClO2 in liquid form

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