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Supersmile Whitening Gum (3 Pack)

In stock
Supersmile Whitening Gum (12pcs)
Uses Calprox to safely remove surface stains, cleans teeth, freshens breath and protects against cavities.

3 Pack (12 Pieces Per Pack)

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Product Description

Shamelessly fresher
Remarkably whiter

The Supersmile Professional Whitening Gum is formulated with Supersmiles proprietary ingredient Calprox, which works by gently dissolving the protein pellicle – a thin layer of protein that forms on the tooth surface, to which plaque, bacteria, and stains adhere. Removing the protein pellicle leaves the teeth feeling cleaner for a longer period of time. Our Gum is sweetened with Xylitol, sugar-free and works to stabilize the pH balance of the mouth, counteracting acidity that leads to cavities.

  • Whitens coffee, berries, tobacco, wine, tea stains and more
  • Promotes total oral health and healthier gums
  • Re-mineralises tooth enamel
  • Patented technology
  • Whitens natural teeth + all types of dental restorations
  • Causes no sensitivity
  • No harsh abrasives 
  • Made in USA

About Supersmile
America's most rewarded whitening toothpaste solution

Supersmile was founded in 1987 by current President and CEO, Lucia Smigel. Her husband, Dr. Irwin Smigel, whose achievements in aesthetic dentistry have been documented in a permanent exhibit unveiled by the National Museum of Dentistry, created the first whitening toothpaste to brighten the smiles of his first generation bonding patients in the mid 1980's. Today, under Lucia's leadership, Supersmile has become a celebrated line of complete oral care products retailing in thousands of locations in over a dozen countries, and is a favorite of celebrities worldwide. Hailed the "#1 Whitening System" recommended by cosmetic dentists, Supersmile continues to gain awareness for its unparalleled ability to safely whiten while also cleaning and protecting teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How To Use

For best results, chew one piece directly after meals and snacks to remove stains and freshen breath. Safe for use on natural teeth, bonding, veneers, dentures and braces.

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 1 piece (1.5 grams)
Calories per serving: 2.4
Amount per serving % Daily Value: Total Fat 0g 0%, Sodium 0g 0%, Total Carbohydrates 1g 0%, Xylitol 0g, Protein 0g 0%


Xylitol, Gum Base, Natural Flavors, Glycerin, Gum Arabic, Soy Lecithin, Beeswax, Calprox

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