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Whiter Smile Silicone Filled Mouth Trays

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By just biting, the silicone putty creates an exact replica of your teeth allowing a closer fitting mold and application.
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Product Description

Just bite!
for perfectly moulded trays

Silicone Mouth Trays are the most easiest trays to make. It is a double sided tray which inside has a silicone molding solution which you bite into. The silicone molding creates an exact replica of your teeth, allowing for a closer fitting mold and application. The tray is more bulky than the other trays, which is why it is not recommended for people with gag reflux. Also because of its size, some people may find it not to be comfortable if you are required to wear the whitening gel for long periods of time. We recommend it for products where you need to wear the gel for 30 minutes or less.

  • Can be remoulded and very easy to make
  • Creates an instant and exact fit

Frequently Asked Questions

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How To Use

Centre your upper and lower teeth in the middle of the silicone putty. Bite down for 5 seconds so your teeth are fully covered by the putty. Slowly and carefully, vertically pull the trays from your teeth.

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