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Crest Whitestrips Supreme Professional

Out of stock
Crest Whitestrips are a breakthrough in tooth whitening and the best whitening strips brand in the world.

82 Whitening Treatments: Each Containing 42 Upper & 42 Lower Strip (Hydrogen Peroxide)


This product can only be bought under specific circumstances. If you are interested in purchasing or supplying this product, please contact us for further details and availability. Due to the concentrated strength, this product must not be used by those with sensitive teeth and it is necessary to consult with your dentist beforehand.

Out of stock

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Product Description

The original, strongest
and the best!

Crest Whitestrips Supreme are not available in stores and only available through dental practices. The tooth whitening strips are 80% more effective than the Crest Whitestrips available in stores and are 43% better whitening than Professional Crest Whitestrips. They contain a very strong hydrogen peroxide tooth whitening formula - the highest concentration of any take-home product available from Crest. Each box contains a big 3 week supply - 84 Supreme Whitestrips per box, which is enough for a full treatment and left over to maintain your white teeth afterwards.

  • Not available in stores
  • 80% more effective than regular Crest Whitestrips available in stores
  • Large 3 week supply - 84 Supreme Whitestrips per box (42 upper strips and 42 lower strips)
  • 14% longer upper strips and 18% longer lower strips - whitens up to 18 teeth.

Convenient, Safe & Controlled

Crest Whitestrips are comprised of thin, flexible strips that are coated with a tooth whitening gel containing peroxide. Designed to conform to the shape of your teeth, they work by keeping the whitening gel on your teeth for the instructed amount of time to provide fast whitening. Whitestrips have the whitening gel already added to them so they deliver a consistent, controlled dose each time. Strips do not have to be loaded before every use, unlike trays, which can cause oral irritation if too much gel is added.

  • Strips are ready-made so you can use them right away. No dental impressions required
  • At home or on the road, strips are portable enough to be used anywhere, at any time during the day
  • Pre-filled strips to control dosage
  • Reduces gel from going over gums

Experience Advanced Seal Technology

Crest 3D White Whitestrips Supremme whitens teeth like a professional-level treatment. Remove 14 years of stains in just 30 minutes a day. Advanced Seal Technology helps the strip to mold to the unique shape of your teeth and also come off cleanly and easily. Their no-slip grip means the strips stay put until you take them off, allowing you to talk and even drink water while whitening your teeth. You’ll see a whiter smile after 3 days, and full results within 2 weeks. Achieve professional-level teeth whitening results without the professional price tag.

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